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      LaPayne Photography specializes in the creation and marketing of panoramic photographs. We started the business in 1979 and made a 95% conversion to panoramic photography in 1988. We have a massive selection of panoramic photographs that include a wide variety of sporting event photos, with an emphasis on major events. We've got panoramic images of 6 Super Bowls, about a dozen NBA Finals and World Series games. We also have stadium and arena photos of regular season NFL, NBA and MLB games. Our selection of college sports is equally impressive. We have panoramics of five Rose Bowl games and several Final Four games, along with many other regular season matchups including nearly all of the Big Ten schools.

      Since we are located in Champaign, Illinois, near the University of Illinois campus, our selection of Illini photographs is especially large - "Paint the Hall Orange" (basketball), Chief Illiniwek, Memorial Stadium football games, other Assembly Hall basketball games, etc.

      We also have a wide variety of skyline, cityscape, and scenic photographs. One of our most popular is our New York City skyline photo taken from atop the Brooklyn Bridge. A hard money lender in New York City found another of our most popular shots, Manhattan At Sunrise , so inspiring, they licensed the image for their homepage on their website. In addition to Manhattan, we also have Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Munich, Capetown, S.A., Lucerne, Switzerland and many others. Our collection also includes 370 degree panoramic views of Times Square, Wall Street, Piccadilly Circus, Daley Plaza and others. Our scenic images include stunning shots of about a dozen National Parks, as well as beautiful lesser known areas of the US and other countries. We also offer professional picture framing of the photographs we sell. We have a variety of different frames available and since we specialize in panoramic photographs, we can frame faster and give you a better value than most anyone else.

      Brad LaPayne is our photographer, and has shot all of our photographs. You can read a detailed bio on him here.