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Champaign, Illinois Fire Department 150th Celebration | Photo #2  

Champaign, Illinois Fire Department 150th Celebration | Photo #2.
150th Anniversary photo [1865 - 2015] featuring former and current Champaign apparatus featuring the very first motorized pumper featured in the middle of this panoramic photo nearly 5 feet long. The 1915 Seagrave made the trip to lead the red lights and siren parade all the way from Canada! It is a completely restored apparatus and it is beautiful! The photo includes information about each pumper including date of purchase, purchase price and years in service. Image is 9.5 inches tall by 54 inches long. The parade and muster following the parade was July 19, 2015. It was a lot of fun to see the reaction of Champaign citizens coming to their front porches to see why all the sirens were going down their street! Even though the parade was publicized, I don't think many knew what was happening, they probably thought that the town was burning down because there were around 20 pieces of apparatus following one another down University Avenue. | FF_FAP_023
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