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Harvard Yard Panorama  

Harvard Yard Panorama.
This panoramic photograph of Harvard Yard covers a full 370 degrees angle view (North, South, East and West) and was taken in the autumn of 1986, the 350th Anniversary of Harvard. This panoramic photo was purchased by Harvard for the University Archives Collection. It measures 8.5" tall by 71" long. You may notice that the arched doorway at Sever Hall repeats at both ends of the photo this is because of the 370 degree view. The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library and the Memorial Church are also featured in this panoramic image. The photo that you purchase is a traditionally hand printed, #10 Cirkut, contact print. The negative for this print is 10 inches tall and 72 inches long! This is one of our best selling photographs. It was sold for many years at the Coop print shop. It was raining this day and the photographer very nearly did not shoot this photo. However, he was very happy that he did!!! A stunning and memorable graduation gift! If you have a question, please phone us at 217-356-8994 or email to: CL_HVD_004
The image you purchase has much more detail than the image you see on your monitor. An example of the clarity of our photos may be seen here: please click here. Guaranteed satisfaction!

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