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Harvard Square Panorama  

Harvard Square Panorama.
This beautiful panorama was shot using a #10 Cirkut camera and is a 370 panoramic view of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In it you can see the Coop and the T Stop, as well as a few Harvard buildings. This was a difficult photo to get and was obtained by setting up the camera in the back of a pickup truck on a short scaffold in a "no parking zone" One Cambridge law enforcement officer was not happy about this violation, but reluctantly allowed us to continue with the process and to get this image! The photo that you purchase is a traditionally hand printed, #10 Cirkut, contact print. The negative for this print is 10 inches tall and 72 inches long! This is a very difficult and time consuming process, rarely done today by anyone in the world. We have a large inventory of this photo and are offering them at discounted prices. The owner will negotiate price for multiple images of this and others in the collection. It is time to wind down the business and move inventory. These are traditionally printed #10 Cirkut photos. No one prints like this now, and it is likely that no one ever will again. It is a very difficult and time consuming process! The 71 inch photo is now $99 and the shorter one is $45. This panoramic photograph is available in two sizes, 9.5" x 71" and 9.5" x 40". If you have a question, please phone us at 217-356-8994 or email to: CL_HVD_003
The image you purchase will have much more detail than the image you see on your screen. Samples of the detail in our photos, may be seen here: please click here. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

List Price: $119.00
Price: $99.00

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