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Manhattan At Sunrise 1987 - B&W  

Manhattan At Sunrise 1987 - B&W.
One of our best and most popular of the Manhattan skylines. This panorama view was taken just after the sun came above the horizon and the entire image has a beautiful color from the soft morning light. The photo includes all of the bridges that cross the East River: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg and you can also see the 59th Street Bridge in the distance. The photo was taken when the Woolworth building cast a shadow upon the North Tower of the World Trade Center. This image also makes a great mural if you have a larger space to display. We can do murals up to 50 inches tall and 25 feet or more long without any seams! Available in 9.5" by 60". A hard money lender in New York City found this shot so inspiring, they licensed the image for their homepage on their website. SK_EAC_002-BW
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