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Harvard Baker Library, Business School Panorama  

Harvard Baker Library, Business School Panorama.
This is a panorama of the Baker Library at Harvard Business School. This photo was done by a #10 Cirkut camera from an elevated position on a scaffold. The print that you will receive when purchased is a traditionally printed, contact cirkut print. The red lines indicate what the picture looks like when cropped to 36" and now costs $45. On sale now! Makes a terrific and unique graduation gift. This image was sold for many years at the COOP and Baker Library gift shop. Call us with any questions: 217-356-8994, email: CL_HVD_001
The image you purchase will have much more detail than the image you see on your screen. To see a sample of the clarity of our photos, please click here.

List Price: $119.00
Price: $99.00

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