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MIT Killian Court Panorama  

MIT Killian Court Panorama.
Killian Court, at MIT was shot from an elevated platform in the autumn. The photo shows about a 200 degree angle of view, pretty much all of the Court -- in beautiful fall colors! The image was taken from an elevated platform so that the buildings were more visible. This photo was shot with an antique, #10 Cirkut camera and contact printed traditionally. The print is created by putting the negative in direct contact with the photo paper or traditionally printed. This is a very difficult and labor intensive method of printing which is no longer done. Available in two sizes: 9.5" x 38" (selling for $69.00; please call for this size) and the full length version at 9.5" x 71" MIT used this image for one of the calendars that they published. This has been one of our best selling photographs, sold for many years at the Harvard Coop. Inventory reduction sale, owner retiring and clearing out old inventory! Get yours before they are gone. Further discount on more than one. Could be the most unique and appropriate graduation gift for your MIT grad! CL_MIT_001
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List Price: $119.00
Price: $119.00

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