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New York from 7th Avenue and Bleeker Panorama  

New York from 7th Avenue and Bleeker Panorama.
Visible in this photograph of the Village is the Caliente Cafe as well as the World Trade Center Twin Towers in the background on the right end of the picture. 9.5 inches tall by 66 inches long. CS_EAC_011 Be sure to check our Manhattan skyline photos and our NY sports photos including the Mets, Yankees, Giants and Knicks! This photo was taken using an antique, rotating camera called a #10 Cirkut camera. It exposed a negative 10 inches tall and up to 6 feet long. Contact prints were then made from the negative. No one uses this camera any more and no one prints traditionally as these prints were printed.
The image you see on your screen will not render the true amount of detail in our photos, to see a sample of the detail in our photographs, please click here. LaPayne Photography guarantees satisfaction on your purchase.

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