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Chicago Panorama  

Chicago Panorama.
This stunning 370 degree view of Chicago's Wabash and Wacker streets from 1999 includes many landmarks. Looking first to the left of the image you see a grand sculpture of General George Washington with 2 other men (more later), The Leo Burnett Building, Marina Towers, The IBM Building, The Chicago Sun Times Building, The Wrigley Building, The Chicago Tribune Building, The Executive Plaza Hotel, The Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist, The Jewelers Building, and the Washington statue again. So, in this panorama you are seeing first West, then North, then East, South and then an overlap of North. The repeating portion of the panorama (the 10 degrees of the 370 degrees) is the Washington statue. This is a majestic statue of George Washington between two principal financiers of the American Revolution, Robert Morris and Haym Salomon. What a tribute to two people willing to take a risk on a group of freedom-loving colonists! Who Knew! One major change to the landscape since this image was captured is the demolition of the Sun Times Building and the replacement in that space of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. This is a #10 Cirkut, contact print, that has been traditionally printed, by putting photographic paper into direct contact with the negative that is 9.5 inches tall by 72 inches long and making a contact print! NO one prints like this now. The old process was very difficult to successfully execute. It was very time consuming and took meticulous measures to be successful doing it. We have about 20 original prints left of this dramatic and historical image. When they are gone there will be no more. Measuring 9.5" tall by 72" long. CS_MDW_003
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