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Duke University East Campus Panorama  

Duke University East Campus Panorama.
Duke University, East Campus panorama framed and offered here at a discount price. Unframed also available. The Duke images were created with a rare, antique, rotating, #10 Cirkut camera. The prints were made in the traditional manner, putting the 6 foot by 10 inch negative in direct contact with the photographic paper and exposing it to the proper light color for the proper time to make the print! No one prints like this any more. Photographer is retiring and liquidating remaining inventory of all images. 9.5" x 72" Outside dimensions of the black metal wood inlay frame is 11 inches tall by 73 inches long. Framed in a unique black metal frame with a wood inlay. DL_056
List Price: $245.00
Price: $139.00


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