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Pasadena Fire Department Panorama  

Pasadena Fire Department Panorama.
This photo is the result of 10 years of persistence proposing the photo with PFD. We finally got the job done with help from fire departments surrounding Pasadena standing by to take calls for the 45 minutes that it took to drive the apparatus into position in a semi-circle on the drive in front of the Rose Bowl and photograph them in position. One engine company got a medical call on their way to the photoshoot, and took care of it before proceeding, it worked out perfectly because we weren't ready for their rig until they arrived. The PFD Urban Search and Rescue apparatus is in the background between the engines and the stadium. Thanks to the Pasadena Fire Department for their cooperation to accomplish this fantastic panoramic image of their fleet! 9.5" x 54". FF_FAP_011
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