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New York Skyline From The Brooklyn Bridge Poster  

New York Skyline From The Brooklyn Bridge Poster.
This photograph was actually taken from atop the Brooklyn Bridge. The photographer climbed up through a small hole in the stone piers with all of his equipment to the top of the bridge where he then set up his camera very carefully so that it would not fall off into the East River. The clouds in this photograph are white and fluffy, the sky is a beautiful light blue. In the photograph you can see what used to be The World Trade Center Twin Towers, also further to the right you can see the Empire State Building and even further down is the Chrysler Building. The blue bridge that is on the right side of the photograph is the Manhattan Bridge that also connects Manhattan with Brooklyn along with the Brooklyn Bridge. And on the far far right side is the Williamsburg Bridge that comes out of China Town and connects to Brooklyn. The two men on the side of the picture is the photographer who is wearing the green hard hat and the other man is one of the photographers friend who has lived in New York his entire life. This poster measures 5" x 27". Take advantage of our special offer: 3 of these posters for only $9! PO_010

Price: $6.00

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