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Illini Pens  

Illini Pens.
These pens have two different photographs included on the scroll. One photo is of the "Paint the Hall Orange" game against Wake Forest, December 2004. The other is a panoramic of Chief Illiniwek standing center court during a halftime performance with ghost shadowing of the Chief during his dance along the top of the photograph. This pen is like no other that you have seen before and will be the envy of all your Illini Fan friends! These images are very clear. The pen itself is orange and blue and includes a block I on the clip and says "Fighting Illini" with the Illinois basketball symbol on the barrell of the pen. There is a minimum order of 4 pens at $6 each when the pens are ordered by themselves. If you order a photograph, you can add one or more pens, for $5 each.
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