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Sunset Reflections Panorama  

Sunset Reflections Panorama.
This photograph was taken when my wife and I were out for a Sunday drive. It started to look like a nice sunset. We came upon a pond where we could see a nice reflection. We paused to set up the camera and see how the sunset developed. My wife was none too thrilled with the delay, and let me know about it. Of course I wanted to make sure that I got the best picture possible, and it took awhile. The complaints did not stop, but when it began to get dark, there was no reason to remain set up. We packed and went on our way. Since capturing this scene, the image has been sold by our stock photo agency to clients in Japan, Germany and other countries for posters, calendars, coporate reports, etc. The financial returns from this image have been substantial. Needless to say, I get fewer complaints when I want to pull over and capture a scene these days. SC_MDW_004
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