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Tipis, Pond Reflection and Mission Mountains Panorama  

Tipis, Pond Reflection and Mission Mountains Panorama.
This image was orchestrated near Polson, Montana in 1991. The area was scouted for a suitable location to set up tipis and a meat rack for a photo depicting an authentic Native American encampment. After finding this location suitable and getting the tipis set up, one buffalo (Buffalo Bill, an orphaned calf) and horses were brought in and a skin was stretched as it would have been to make buckskin at an encampment. Just before the sun set, a fire was set in one of the tipis and pine boughs put onto the fire to make it smoke. The people in the photo are members of the Flathead tribe and lived nearby. This location was actually just off of the state highway and nearly everyone who were driving by stopped to view this striking and historic scene. In fact the local newspaper photographer either happened to be driving by or was alerted to the scene and photographed it for the paper. It ran on the front page the next day. This panoramic photo is 9.5 inches tall and 30 inches long. SC_OUS_001-30
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