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Chief Illiniwek Panorama  

Chief Illiniwek Panorama.
Setting up a #10 Cirkut camera in a basketball arena is never easy and it is often difficult to get the timing correct because it takes about 30 seconds to expose a roll of film for one exposure. The Cirkut camera must be on top of a special tripod that is perfectly level and clear of obstructions. This particular panoramic photo was very difficult and almost did not happen because the TV people were doing an interview with someone just before the Chief performed. One of the crew members saw me and my rather large camera and realized that his lights and tripod were in between my panoramic camera and the main subject: The Chief! He hastily dismantled the equipment and got it mostly out of the way. If you look to the right side of the Chief you will see the outline of one of the lights that they had used for the interview. I actually started the camera as they dismantled their equipment hoping the the 12 or 15 second delay that it would take for the #10 Cirkut camera to rotate to the center of the court would be enough time for them to get it out of the way.....and it was! Just barely, but it was enough time. If I had not taken the chance to get lucky, I would have missed this shot. The Chief started dancing shortly after the camera swung past him at mid-court. Another important thing happened in this photo and this is that "Jake", one of the ushers, asked if I wanted him to have the fans in my immediate foreground to be seated so that the camera could have a clearer view of the Chief. I emphatically replied that "That would be great!". Jake requested that they be seated and they sat. You can see one gentleman (Dick Hoemeyer, I have been told) looking back over his shoulder wondering why he was sitting while the Chief performed, because the tradition was to be standing!!! I also only had a limited amount of time to set up the cirkut tripod, attach the camera to the ring gear on the tripod, get focused, adjust the lens board, insert the proper size gear and engage the gear to the ring gear before the Chief appeared for his 3 minute performance! BUT, IT ALL CAME TOGETHER FOR THIS AWESOME PANORAMA! At the half-time performance February 9, 1989. In this game Illinois defeated Ohio State with a score of 62 to 60. This panoramic photograph is 9.5 inches tall by 56 inches long. This panoramic, photographic print is printed using the traditional method of printing #10 Cirkut negatives. The negative is 10 inches tall, by up to 6 feet long! At one time the only way to print the image was to tape it down flat to a very large piece of ground glass, then pull out an appropriate length of unexposed photographic paper, in complete darkness, to the exact spot under the negative to make a print!!! Needless to say it was a painstaking process with a great deal of possible problems. We no longer print this way, nor does anyone, it was just too difficult and problematic, but this is one of those collectible prints, while they last! The large size is 9.5" X 56" listed here and there is smaller size also, 9.5 X 30" that is not listed but available by calling 217-356-8928. The price is $25 or 3 for $60, please call us. SP_CBB_025 The image generated on your computer screen will not render the true amount of detail in our photos. To see examples of the detail in our photographs, please click here. We guarantee your satisfaction.
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