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Williams Arena Panorama  

Williams Arena Panorama.
This is an excellent panoramic photograph of Williams Arena, one of the oldest, smallest, most compact arenas left in the Big Ten. Williams is probably the most intimate arena in the Big Ten maybe in all of college basketball. This photo was shot with a #10 Cirkut, rotating, panoramic camera that exposes a negative that is 10 inches tall and up to 6 feet long! We then made contact prints from the negative. It is a very intimate arena in which every spectator feels like they are part of the action. This arena was one of the most difficult photo shoots that I have ever attempted because there were virtually no places big enough to set up a camera and a tripod. So what I ended up doing was setting up on the end of the scorers table without a tripod. The Gophers go on to defeat the Hoosiers. 9.5" x 46 1/2" SP_CBB_031.
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