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Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field Panorama  

Walter Payton Day at Soldier Field Panorama.
This is a 5 foot long panoramic photograph of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field taken during Walter Payton's last game at Soldier Field. It is taken from above the South endzone and has the Chicago skyline in the background December 20, 1987. It was taken from up in the stands behind the end zone. This view gives you the feeling that you are in the stands with all the fans. This panoramic photograph is hand signed by the photographer. The image was created by using a #10 Cirkut, antique, rotating, panoramic camera. The print was hand printed using traditional techniques. This is the same panoramic photographer who has shot 10 Super Bowls, lots of Rose Bowls, more than a dozen NBA Finals series including all of the Chicago Bulls NBA Finals appearances! You will also find dozens of collegiate football Stadium panoramas many from the Big Ten ! SP_NFL_002
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Price: $119.00


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