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Bears vs. Packers @ Memorial Stadium Champaign  

Bears vs. Packers @ Memorial Stadium Champaign.
On October 7, 2002, the Bears played the Packers in an NFL Monday night football game at Memorial Stadium in Champaign. The Bears played their entire season at Memorial Stadium during 2002 because Soldier Field underwent an extensive demolition and rebuilding that took the whole season to complete. In addition to this photo of Monday Night Football, we also photographed the Bears vs. Saints game which was during the day. The photo is available in two versions, one is 36" long, and the other is 44" long. The 36" version is pictured. All Bears image at big discounts! Call for details: 217-356-8928SP_NFL_003
The image here does not show the quality of the actual photograph. Quality examples can be found by clicking here. We at LaPayne Photography strive for your complete satisfaction.

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