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Memorial Stadium 2008 Renovation Poster

Memorial Stadium 2008 Renovation Poster.
PO_017 8" x 68"
This poster is a series of aerial images shot to document the progress of the Memorial Stadium renovations project. href="framing/framing.html">

Price: $12.00


Paint The Hall Crimson Panorama

Paint The Hall Crimson Panorama.
IU, Assembly Hall in Bloomington, panoramic poster. 13" X 35." POSTER. This panorama shows the Hoosiers in action against Iowa. Buy 5 and get free shipping. Call us at 217-356-8994. PO_018

List Price: $10.00
Price: $6.00


Paint The Hall Orange Poster December 1, 2004

Paint The Hall Orange Poster December 1, 2004.
Illinois vs. Wake Forest at The Assembly Hall in Champaign, IL. This p oster is 13.5" tall by 36" long. SP_CBB_010

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Price: $10.00


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