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2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show Panorama

2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show Panorama.
Super Bowl LII half time show being performed by Justin Timberlake and many others! US Bank Stadium, photo print, 9.5" x 36"

Please call for specific matting & frame availability.

Framing Option:
Price: $69.00


Harvard Yard Panorama

Harvard Yard Panorama.
Harvard Yard in a striking panorama, Absolutely, Beautiful Autumn colors "Yard" panorama! A full 370 degree view, shot with an antique, #10 Cirkut camera, and contact printed by hand. A fantastic graduation gift! This is the same image that was sold at the COOP for many years. This panorama is 8.5" tall by 71" long! CL_HVD_004

Framing Option:
List Price: $119.00
Price: $109.00


Stanley Cup Playoffs 1990 Panorama

Stanley Cup Playoffs 1990 Panorama.
The Blackhawks in the 1990 Stanley Cup Playoffs that took place at Chicago Stadium, get yours now at a big discount! Awesome memory for a Blackhawk fan who was there. DL_062

List Price: $69.00
Price: $35.00


Milwaukee County Stadium Panorama

Milwaukee County Stadium Panorama.
Opening Day 1990 at County Stadium panoramic poster sponsored by PBR beer. 12.5" x 49.5" PO_021

Price: $10.00


Hancock Stadium 2013 Big Red Marching Machine Panorama

Hancock Stadium 2013 Big Red Marching Machine Panorama.
Hancock Stadium, with the Big Red Marching Machine on the field, Homecoming October 5, 2013. The "Birds" win homecoming 35 to 21 9.5" X 36" SP_CFB_109
Click below to see Framing:
- [ Red Mat & Cherry Frame ] -
- [ Red Mat & Black Frame ] -

Framing Option:
List Price: $69.00
Price: $49.00


Memorial Stadium US Flag Panorama

Memorial Stadium US Flag Panorama.
SP_CFB_110 This is the ONE time the entire football field was covered by the Stars and Stripes for the National Anthem in 2011! A gigantic Flag on the Field being held by mostly US military personnel. 9.5" x 36".

Framing Option:
Price: $69.00


University of Illinois Gateway

University of Illinois Gateway.
Framed Hallene Gateway image 9.5" x 27". DL_061

List Price: $145.00
Price: $55.00


Field of Dreams Dyersville

Field of Dreams Dyersville.
Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa, charity baseball game between "Ghost Players", TV stars and celebrities and retired MLB players. 11.75" x 34" ONLY 10 posters LEFT IN INVENTORY! We also have some panoramic photographs from which the poster was made available. PO_020

Price: $10.00


Hancock Stadium 2013 | Band - 48"

Hancock Stadium 2013 | Band - 48".
ISU, Big Red Marching Machine Panorama at Homecoming October 5, 2013. 9.5" X 48" SP_CFB_109

Framing Option:
Price: $95.00


Memorial Stadium Panorama

Memorial Stadium Panorama.
SP_CFB_103 "Stripe the Stadium" Panorama at Memorial Stadium, Champaign, October 15, 2011; 9.5" x 36".

Framing Option:
List Price: $69.00
Price: $35.00


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